Publications authored by the ProteomeTools project team (marked with * ) or publications to which the ProteomeTools project actively contributed to.



* ProteomeTools based on a complete synthetic human proteome

Zolg, D. P., Wilhelm, M., Schnatbaum, K., Zerweck, J., Knaute, T., Delanghe, B., Bailey, D. J., Gessulat, S., Ehrlich, H.-C., Weininger, M., Yu, P., Schlegl, J., Kramer, K., Schmidt, T., Kusebauch, U., Deutsch, E. W., Aebersold, R., Moritz, R. L., Wenschuh, H., Moehring, T., Aiche, S., Huhmer, A., Reimer, U., and Kuster, B.

Nature Methods 2017, 14, 259 - Read full-text

Trimodal mixed mode chromatography that enables efficient offline two-dimensional peptide fractionation for proteome analysis

Yu, P., Petzoldt, S., Wilhelm, M., Zolg, D. P., Zheng, R., Sun, X., Liu, X., Schneider, G., Huhmer, A., and Kuster, B.

Analytical Chemistry 89, 8884-8891

* PROCAL: A Set of 40 Peptide Standards for Retention Time Indexing, Column Performance Monitoring, and Collision Energy Calibration

Zolg, D. P., Wilhelm, M., Yu, P., Knaute, T., Zerweck, J., Wenschuh, H., Reimer. U.,Schnatbaum, K., and Kuster B.

PROTEOMICS 17, 1700263


Mining the human tissue proteome for protein citrullination

Lee, C.-Y., Wang, D., Wilhelm, M., Zolg, D. P., Schmidt, T., Schnatbaum, K., Reimer, U., Pontén, F., Uhlén, M., Hahne, H., and Kuster B.

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics,

* ProteomeTools: Systematic characterization of 21 post-translational protein modifications by LC-MS/MS using synthetic peptides

Zolg D.P., Wilhelm M., Schmidt T., Medard G., Zerweck J., Knaute T., Wenschuh H., Reimer U., Schnatbaum K. and Kuster B.

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics,


A deep proteome and transcriptome abundance atlas of 29 healthy human tissues

Wang, D., Eraslan B., Wieland, T., Hallström, B., Hopf, T., Zolg, D.P., Asplund A., Li L., Meng, C., Frejno, M., Schmidt, T., Schnautbaum, K., Wilhelm, M., Poten, F., Uhlen, M., Gagneur, J., Hahne, H. and Kuster, B.

Molecular Systems Biology, (2019) 15: e8503