Peptide Synthesis



Within the ProteomeTools project, ~1.4 million individual synthetic peptides covering essential all human gene products will be generated by solid phase peptide synthesis (JPT SpikeMixTM technology). In addition to 350,000 tryptic peptides, 300,000 peptides will be dedicated to alternative proteases. Another 200,000 peptides are earmarked for protein sequence variants such as protein isoforms or important natural or pathological variants. A substantial part (~350,000) of the capacity will be devoted to post-translationally modified peptides such as phosphorylation, acetylation, methylation, ubiquitinylation and mono-glycosylation. Finally, we are reserving 200,000 peptides to represent other interesting biology such as disease associated mutations, HLA neo-antigens, protease cleavage products, small open reading frames or translated lincRNAs.

We welcome participation by the scientific community to this project. In particular, we would be interested to learn about interesting sets of peptides to make - so that these can be incorporated into the project. Within reason, we can also share the ProteomeTools Peptide Library (PROPEL) with scientists willing to measure these on mass spectrometry platforms not available to this project.