Welcome to the ProteomeTools project


The ProteomeTools project is a joint effort of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), JPT Peptide Technologies, SAP SE and Thermo Fisher Scientific. It is dedicated to translating the human proteome into molecular and digital tools for drug discovery, personalized medicine and life science research. Over the course of the project, ~1.4 million synthetic peptides covering essentially all human gene products including important post translational modifications will be synthesized and analyzed using multimodal LC-MS/MS. We welcome participation to the project by the scientific community by e.g. suggesting sets of peptides to synthesize, offering measurements using other types of LC-MS/MS or developing applications and data analysis tools.


Current release status:
  • 576,256 precursors
  • 19,749 human genes
  • 21.8 million high confidence spectra
  • 2,348 LC-MS/MS runs
  • Spectral libraries available for download here.